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health slimming coffee for body building

1.All herbal - no side effects. The natural way to lose weight permanently.2. NO starving. NO drugs. NO pills. NO calorie counting. NO restrictive torture diet.3. The patch helps you to decrease your calorie intake and increase your metabolism which uses up stored fat.4. Same food plan as used by movie stars to lose weight.5. NO ephedra. NO caffeine 
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Our company is a dependable herbal supplier established in 2007.We are professional in all kinds of herbal plant formula to cure the ED,impotence, obseity, hangover, Faucitis. After years development and research. Our product are popular in USA, UK,France,turkey,Poland and so on. Also we have a complete production line for extraction,sieving,compounding, pelletization, encapsulation,testing.

Our product is derived from mysterious Tibetan formula and Traditional chinese Medicine formula.They are all  manufactured under GMP condition.

1.All herbal - no side effects. The natural way to lose weight permanently.

2. NO starving. NO drugs. NO pills. NO calorie counting. NO restrictive torture diet.

3. The patch helps you to decrease your calorie intake and increase your metabolism which uses up stored fat.

4. Same food plan as used by movie stars to lose weight.

5. NO ephedra. NO caffeine



Advantage: No diarrhea, No tiredness, No Anorexiathe safest and the most scientific weight loss product for human  beings.


Ingredient: Mulberry leaf, Cassia seed, Hawthorn fruit, Lotus leaf and L-carnitineinstant coffee


Specification: 15g/sachet,


Dosage: 2 sachet/ a day before breakfast and lunch

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