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New arrival pills

Take effect within 25-65 minutes.
Prolong the time of sexual intercourse(80-95min).
Keep the hardest and strongest erection.
1-2 capsules keep more erections in 48 hours. Natural and strongest erection!
Cure ED effectively.
no harmful side effect.
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New arrival male sex enhancment pills
Our company is a
reliable herbal supplier. Our products cover herbal viagra, herbal weight loss pill, herbal prostate pill, herbal anti-diabetes capsule.

Our product is derived from mysterious Tibetan formula and Traditional chinese Medicine formula. It is manufactured under GMP condition. Nowaday, our herbal viagra has entered the oversea market such as UK, USA, Poland.



3)    Detailed Product information:


Rhizoma Polygonati, Fructus Lyeii,  Radix Rehmanniae Preparata(熟地黄), Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae, Semen Cuscutae(菟丝子), Ganoderma lucidum (灵芝)  Specification: 450mg/capsule, 200mg/capsule,500mg/tablets,700mg/tablet and 1g/tablet

Price: we would like to provide you most competitive price.


Sample:  we would like to provide sample for your test, you just need to pay the freight. Thanks.

4) Service of Hygeia Health Product Co.,Ltd

******OEM is welcomed!

******loose capsule, herbal powder, blister(1blister ,2 blister, 3 blister, 4 blister, 10 blister, 12 blister) is available!

******Private label, relabelling is accepted!

******manufacturing according to the customers formula!

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